John Muir Trail

Our Heroes’ Dreams is teaming up with the R.I.D.E. Foundation to take Veterans on the John Muir Trail in August 2018



  • To Raise Awareness of suicide rates among our Veterans, Peace Officer and First Responder communities.
  • To Raise Awareness of at risk equine (horses) and the benefits of using horses in education and therapy programs.

The Mission:

A group of disabled veterans, suffering from PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, and physical disabilities will team up with a group pf rehabilitated horses and begin the journey from the edge of Yosemite Valley to the highest peak in the Continental United States.

  • Hiking a Distance of over 200 miles
  • Daily outdoor classrooms and training on PTSD Coping Skills and Anxiety Management
  • Therapy Session with the horses, helping not only the veterans, but the horses in rehabilitation as well.
  • Developing the pilot program “Recovery in the Wild” to continue helping Veterans, Peace Officers, and First Responders after the John Muir Trail mission has been completed.

How You Can Help:

  • Sponsor a Veteran by pledging a dollar amount per mile completed
  • Direct Donations to either organization to help with food and feed costs.
  • Donating hiking gear, dehydrated foods, packs, water purifiers, etc.
  • Spread Awareness about Our Heroes Dreams and the R.I.D.E. Foundation
  • Donate Gas Cards, Grocery Cards, or other items that will help both Organizations continue their mission.

The adventure begins August 1st, 2018

To Donate Directly:

Everyone getting a little practice in today! Not the official line up for the trail but very good for all of the Horses to be well rounded.

In Training: June 15th

Our Heroes Dreams and the R.I.D.E. Foundation

Thanks the following sponsors that are making this possible:

The Boran




The Milburn