Healing Retreat

A Veteran operated camp that assists Veterans, Gold Star Families, First Responders, Correctional Officers and their families of all generations, while helping them find a pathway to success in everything they do in life after their selfless sacrifices to our country! At the Healing Retreat you will spend a week receiving counseling of all types to include PTS, financial, spiritual, motivational, family and any other forms of counseling that are needed. What’s unique is that the counselors are all prior service military, former police officers, and/or firefighters. At the Retreat we will also show you that you can live life again.  Our Heroes’ Dreams coordinates events with other organizations and groups, allowing you to go sky diving, scuba diving, sailing, skiing and so much more! In the end we will help the you find a new mission in life to replace your existing mission of defending America. Ultimately, helping to get the you off the couch and into a new mission.

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