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Below are our frequently asked questions.  If you can’t find the answer to your question below, please feel free to contact us and one of our Veterans will be happy to assist you.

Our Heroes’ Dreams is currently serving former members of the United States Armed Forces who while on Active served under one of the following conditions:

  • Armed Conflict; Hazardous Conditions; Conditions Simulating War; Instrumentality Of War; Combat Operation; Combat Zone; Incurred Illness or Injury resulting in Permanent Disability

Our Heroes’ Dreams also serves current and former members of Law Enforcement, Corrections, Fire Departments, and EMT’s.

  • Our Heroes’ Dreams feels that our nations heroes are not just those that defend our way of life abroad, but also those here at home.

Our Heroes Dreams provides to those in need such things as counseling services, and healing retreats.  There is never any charge to the veteran or peace officer.

Applications will be assessed and selection of recipients are made by a panel of members known as the “Assistance Board”.  Application approval is not guaranteed but every attempt will be made to accommodate every applicant.

Please provide as much information as possible which may enhance your application’s chances of being selected as an Our Heroes Dreams recipient, including your plans for the future, and your personal and professional accomplishments

As part of the application process the applicant may be required to provide a copy of their DD214. Also applicants may be required to show additional paperwork pertaining to mental and or physical disabilities.

For applicants requesting financial assistance, you may be asked to provide financial information such as income and bank statements.

For your application to receive consideration it is vital that you maintain current contact information with us. Please contact us with any changes in your information.

Our Heroes Dreams makes every attempt to connect veterans and peace officers with available help offered through 3rd party organizations. Our Heroes Dreams has no control over the selection process of 3rd party organizations. Our Heroes Dreams further more holds no responsibility for 3rd party organizations selection process and or services. No personal or private information is shared with 3rd party organizations.

The time frame for selecting qualified applicants will vary depending on availability of resources and number of applicants. Our Heroes Dreams will make every attempt to contact all qualified applicants within 30 days.


  • Volunteers are always needed to help fulfill our mission to our nations heroes. Your time and skills are needed and precious to us. If you would like to volunteer at a specific event or would like to be notified of future volunteer possibilities, contact our dispatch team at admin@ourheroesdreams.org

Monetary Donations:

  • Monetary donations allows us to continue the mission, whether its sending a family to one of our healing retreats, providing counseling or budget training, or even helping to get a Veteran to the local VA facility.  Our Heroes’ Dreams is a 501(c)3 organization and accepts all monetary donations.
    • Sending a check:     Mail to: Our Heroes Dreams, PO Box 252, Hanford CA 93230
    • PayPal:  Any one of this websites PayPal buttons can accept your donation
    • Giving Direct:  If you would like to give your donation in person, please contact 1-844-OHD-VETS Ext# 700 to speak with our Founder and CEO, Justin Bond.