Leadership Team

Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it. -D. Eisenhower

Justin Bond

CEO/Founder of Our Heroes’ Dreams, OHD Board Member

Justin Bond was born and raised in Hanford CA. At 18 years old he joined the Army as a combat engineer. Early on in his career Bond needed to separate on a hardship discharge after his Grandma, Grandpa younger sister died, all 2 weeks apart. In 2001, the Twin Towers in New York fell in a terrorist attack, and Bond couldn’t sit idly by, so he rejoined the Army to defend his country. On April 09th, 2004, Good Friday, Sgt. Bond and his platoon engaged in an intense fire fight in the battle of Fallujah, Iraq. Sgt. Bond was severely wounded as enemy rounds ricocheted through the vehicle. Today Sgt. Bond feels fortunate to have made it back and is very proud of all his brothers and sisters still serving and often wants to rejoin them even though he left his left leg on the battle field.

Since returning home and going through numerous surgeries Sgt Bond realized that the real battles that our Nations Warriors face are not on the battle field in Iraq but instead are on the battlefield here at home. The challenges and fights these warriors face are tougher than ever as they navigate the VA system while living with nightmares and flash backs that many of our warriors face from their PTSD, TBI and a lack of mission. He learned that 22 a day are committing suicide, and to him, this was just unacceptable.

Sgt. Bond then started fundraising to help his comrades by bowling 1000 games non-top taking nearly 4 days. Next, he rode a Segway from Monterey CA to Jacksonville Fl. at 12 MPH taking 60 days. Sgt. Bond took on another challenge and rode Zoom chair 2,200 miles from Canada to Mexico, and then on to Fresno to help raise funds for Our Heroes’ Dreams and Operation Battlefield. Sgt. Bond created Our Heroes’ Dreams which host a Healing Retreat amongst other programs and has already saved hundreds of veteran’s lives. Coming this August of 2018, Sgt Bond is leading a team of disabled vets across the entire John Muir Trail, 220 miles for the 22 veteran suicides a day. He hopes to raise more funds to take more vets through the Healing Retreat helping to save veterans, one family at a time. Recently Sgt. Bond opened Our Heroes’ Dreams up to First Responders and Peace Officers and recently hosted a Healing Retreat for First Responders. Sgt. Bond is a huge veteran’s advocate but couldn’t do it without his many family and friends in the local community and around the country to support his mission in defending and honoring those that defend us. His all-volunteer group has gone above and beyond with countless 15-20-hour days while picking up homeless, answering the crisis line, deploying to suicide attempts and manning an all-volunteer organization that operates more than a dozen programs 24/7/365. Bond is so proud of his team that is helping to save the lives of our Heroes one family at a time.

Sgt. Bond has numerous medals and awards from the military as well as local and national awards from Senate and Congress. He was also awarded the Purple Heart from wounds received during combat action in Iraq. Bonds greatest honor, other than serving his country, was being honored by his Commander in Chief, President Bush and obtaining his pilot’s license. President Bush painted Sgt. Bond’s portrait and hung it in the Presidential Library and put the portrait in his newest book, Portraits of Courage. Bond’s favorite sayings are – “It is what it is” and “If it doesn’t kill you it can only make it stronger”.

Jason Day

OHD Board President.

Jason Day served in the United States Army active duty as a 13 Bravo Heavy Artillery cannon crewmember. After Boot Camp, and OSUT at Ft Sill OK, he was stationed at Ft. Carson, Colorado where he was part of the 3rd Battalion Field Artillery Regiment. He was deployed along with his unit to Kuwait in 2002 for a six-month deployment as part of Operation Enduring Freedom.  PFC Day received an Honorable Medical Discharge.

He went back to college receiving his A.A. and B.A. in business management and has a few units left to complete his master’s program. Day used the discipline from the military and his civilian education to start a small agriculture business which, he runs today. Day has four children three daughters ages two, seven, and thirteen and a son who is 5 months old
Day’s heart remains with the brothers and sisters he served with in the military and began volunteering his time to veteran organizations including the Veteran Hospitals, Homes for Our Troops, and Our Heroes’ Dreams. Day’s motto is there is nothing wrong with America that cannot be fixed with what’s right with America.

Jeff Anderson

OHD Board Member,  Peace Officer and 1st Responder Coordinator

Jeff Anderson was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Hanford, CA.  Married Melissa Anderson in 1999 and has 3 children, Brianne, PJ, and Alyssa.  Jeff started firefighting in 1994 at Hanford Fire Station #8 and transferred to Tulare Fire Station #25 in 1998.  He began his career as a Corrections Officer in 2002 at Pelican Bay State Prison and transferred to Corcoran #2 in 2005.  In 2012 Jeff was involved in a riot  between two rival gangs and tore a rotator cuff, ACL, and injured a disc in his back. Jeff was medically retired in 2013.  Currently Jeff enjoys fishing, camping, spending time with friends and family, and woodworking in his garage.

Jeff Became part of Our Heroes Dreams because he needed help in his own life.  What he didn’t realize is by helping others, he found the help he was looking for. “Suicide for peace officers and 1st responders is at an all time high, if I can be a part of just one life saved then it will be worth every minute spent supporting Our Heroes Dreams.”


ED Phillips

OHD Board Chaplin

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Mike Copithorne

OHD Board Member, Adaptive/Shooting – Northern Director

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