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Donate to Our Heroes’ Dreams

Thank you for donating to “Our Heroes Dreams and supporting the Healing Safari program that is located at Wild Things and Vision Quest Ranch. Our mission is unique in the fact that we are helping the vets that are struggling in life to have a complete makeover in their daily life. We help them find that mission in life that they are missing so that they have a reason to wake up in the morning instead of self-medicating and checking out of society. This program not only saves the veteran but it saves the entire family.

We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) veteran ran and operated organization that strives to do whatever it takes to help our brothers and sisters in arms. All of the “Our Heroes Dreams” family are volunteers so you can rest assure that 100% of your donation will go to the mission at hand. We ask that you please help us spread awareness so that everyone has the opportunity to support this mission and so that more veterans can experience this life changing Healing Safari.

Where does your donation go?

Check out the gallery below to see how your donation can help change the lives of our wounded Heroes.