Garnet Dike Campground

Kings River Trail

November 15 through November 18


Mountain Warriors is a program under Our Heroes Dreams whose purpose is to help get Veterans off the couch and enjoying life again after service by working and volunteering with the Forest Service in maintaining hiking trails, Off Highway Vehicle (4×4) trails, and campsites.

  • Mountain Warriors currently maintains two(2) OHV trails and the Kings River Hiking Trail and Garnet Dike Campground.

The Details:

This event is to further clear and conduct maintenance on the Kings River Trail and the Garnet Dike Campground.

  • Hiking Distance from Garnet Dike Campground to Spring Creek is 3.5 miles.  Mountain Warriors intends on holding further events to clear and maintain the trail further to Garlic Falls in the future.
  • Garnet Dike Campground has no running water services, but does have enclosed pit toilets for use.  There are several locations of flat areas for pitching tents and parking right along the Kings River.
  • There is no cell phone service at Garnet Dike or on Kings River trail.  Mountain Warriors does have radio contact with the Forest Service Emergency Dispatch center and does require all volunteers to fill out an Emergency Contact form prior to the event.
  • When working the trail, safety gear is required by the forest service. (Hard Hats, Gloves, Long Sleeve Shirts, Pants, and Boots)
  • There is the possibility of coming into contact with Poison Oak on the trail.  Forest Service Volunteers and Mountain Warriors will point this out when its found.  It is highly recommended that you keep “trial clothes” and tools separate from all other gear as the poison oak oils will transfer.

How You Can Help:

  • Become a Volunteer with Mountain Warriors!

    • The more volunteers, the faster and easier the work is completed and a more enjoyable experience is had by all.
  • Donating hiking gear, tents, sleeping bags, backpacks, hard hats, gloves, or other camping gear.

    • This allows us to ensure everyone has the equipment needed if something is forgotten.

For more information or questions you can contact our logistics directly through Darren Clayton: